Ballack remains at bayer – contract “not to be served”

Ballack remains at bayer - contract 'not to be served'

The lawyer from luxembourg stressed that the 35-year-old soccer star would continue to perform his current professional duties with full ambition. "There are the two champions league games against FC barcelona. Maybe they still need him there. And there are still goals in the bundesliga, too," becker added.

Ballack’s advisor ended all recent speculations about an immediate change of his client with his statements. The "mannheimer morgen" had brought up real mallorca – this is no longer an issue "and never was an issue. That is why it was not a question for us.Instead, becker told "spiegel online" of possible other employers for the 98-time national player after his bayer aara: "after his time in leverkusen, he could go to china, arabia and the u.S.A.". Everyone can think for himself what he will do."

Rumors of ballack’s immediate departure were also fuelled by the fact that bayer had released him from training on tuesday – "for personal reasons," as it put it in a statement. "Michael ballack fulfills his contracts," said becker. The release from training had already been agreed with bayer coach robin dutt last week. The club pointed out that ballack would resume his duties in leverkusen "as usual" at the non-official unit this wednesday.

Meanwhile, ballack’s former teammate mehmet scholl also joined in the discussions about the former captain of the national team. Ballack’s problem is "that he is no longer protected. Not even from their own coach."However, ballack’s behavior was "not perfect," scholl told the newspaper bild. "Michael ballack has always been uncomfortable and idiosyncratic," said scholl.

"Michael should be treated like a rough player. In german soccer, we have to get away from always wanting to treat everyone and everything equally. Those who have achieved a lot deserve more respect and recognition. And you should start with michael ballack," explained scholl.

Bayer head coach dutt already made it clear on sunday that he had no interest in a premature departure of ballack: "that’s not an issue for me". I am happy about every player."Despite the player’s substitution in the bundesliga match against mainz and the 35-year-old’s lack of consideration in the game in bremen, his relationship with ballack has not been damaged: "we shake hands and talk to each other."


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