The city of eltmann is losing revenue

the city of eltmann is losing revenue

Trade tax is a cause for concern: last year it was 600,000 euros lower than calculated, and in the first quarter of 2013 the city received a demand for repayment of over 600,000 euros, and the decline in trade tax continued. 147,000 euros less than the previous year came into the city’s coffers in the first quarter. Kammerer ernst rippstein thus started the year with a deficit of over 1.4 million euros.

In any case, the canteen and the development of the "sandwuhl" area must be financed in limbach as well as the ongoing village renewal acceptance in robstadt. As a consequence, the finance committee postponed or cancelled all non-essential purchases for the time being, and yet a loan of 4.2 million euros will be necessary. As a result, the debt level, which has been reduced to less than 400,000 euros in recent years, is skyrocketing. But part of the borrowing is only interim financing. For the mensa alone, grants and cost sharing of over one million euros are still outstanding.

Since the municipalities’ tax power is always calculated on the basis of the figures from two years ago, the district levy is rising for eltmann despite the lower collection rate, and "there is no improvement in sight by the end of the year, the chamber announced.

In view of the unexpected drop in revenue, CSU faction chairman bruno wittig said self-critically that in previous years, things had perhaps been done too roughly that the city could not afford in the long term. In view of the high level of borrowing, he called for prompt settlement of the contributions from residents for the development inspections. As rector, he emphasized how beneficial the canteen was for the schools in eltmann – despite the high investment costs. After all, starting in the new school year, there will be nine all-day classes at the elementary and middle schools, and the secondary school will begin to offer all-day classes. The relaxed atmosphere in the cafeteria also contributes to a much better climate in the schools.

Not even all compulsory tasks were included in the 2013 budget, noted wolfgang bruhl on behalf of the SPD faction he also called for correct and timely accounting, including with the municipalities involved in the mensa. He criticized that this was precisely where the state was unloading tasks onto the municipalities, which then had to see how they could manage them.

Peter kremer for upl took a differentiated view of new debt. Of course it was a certain jolt after many years of repayment, but the trade tax back payments did not come every year, and a rough part of the expenditure was also invested in the future. Kindergartens, schools, building sites and attractive town centers are tried and tested means of counteracting demographic change. Although a rough focus on loan repayment is needed in the coming years, he cautioned against neglecting building and road maintenance to avoid creating new investment backlogs.

Mayor michel ziegler (CSU) pledged to use all possible means to collect outstanding grants and contributions. He thanked kammerer ernst rippstein and the entire treasury staff for the time-consuming conversion to double-entry bookkeeping, which involved numerous training sessions.


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