Poll: majority of germans in favor of extending the contact ban

poll: majority of germans in favor of extending the contact ban

The majority of germans are against a relaxation of the contact ban to contain the corona pandemic. In a poll conducted by the opinion research institute yougov on behalf of the german press agency, 44 percent favored an extension of the restrictions over the 19. April, 12 percent are even in favor of tightening the restrictions.

Only 32 percent are in favor of relaxing and 8 percent of abolishing the restrictions imposed by the federal and state governments. 5 percent did not give any information.

78 percent fully comply with restrictions

On wednesday, german chancellor angela merkel (CDU) met with the prime ministers of the federal states to discuss how to achieve a sustainable future after the 19. April wants to proceed. The round had on 22. March decided to impose comprehensive restrictions on freedom of movement for two weeks, and later to extend them over easter until 19 march. April verlangert. Even before that, sporting and cultural events with spectators had been banned and most businesses – with the exception of the food trade in particular – had been closed.

Acceptance of the restrictions remains rough: 78 percent say they comply fully, 18 percent only partially and 2 percent not at all. Thus, the discipline is only slightly less than at the beginning of the contact ban at the end of march. At the time, 83 percent said they fully comply with the adopted rules, 12 percent partially and 2 percent ignored the restrictions even then.


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