After the fire in the old town, things are looking up again

Relief is written all over the face of architect bernward flenner. "The roof trusses are on and the houses are "winterized", he says. He has also been the owner of house number 10 for a few months now and has a double interest in ensuring that everything goes according to plan during the repair work. Yesterday the topping-out ceremony was celebrated.

It was not a walk in the park to restore the buildings that were badly damaged by the fire. "The houses are old, there are static problems every now and then." It was important to ensure the load-bearing capacity of the walls and ceilings. One million euros has been spent so far. The first tenants move in on 15. December in the number 12 e in. "They have lived here before", tells bernward flenner. The other tenants had probably found other apartments in the meantime. "They have not yet come forward." He understands that; who wants to live with a temporary solution for months?. The house owner is not worried. He had already received inquiries, but could not rent yet. In june/july it could be so far.

In december, the shashlik bar on the first floor of building number 8 was supposed to reopen. But that’s not going to happen, says anka gartner, the homeowner’s daughter. "The heating system is broken. We already had problems with this sometimes in the past." In the course of the construction work, however, it has now been completely dropped out. But by march everything should be fixed and the small catering business will be able to start working again. "After that, the apartments will be ready and the new tenants can move in", says anka gartner confidently.

In the meantime, all the guests at the topping-out ceremony have arrived, and martin giebfried climbs high up on the tower to read out his toast and raise a glass to further success. Bernward flenner also speaks to the guests once again. He praises especially the performance of the craftsmen. "They often worked from sunrise to sunset – sometimes to the limits of their physical capabilities." A lot of debris had to be removed from the houses and the static order had to be established, before the men could start the reconstruction work.

Finally, the architect and house owner turned to mayor norbert kastner (SPD) and the second mayor norbert tessmer (SPD). The cooperation with the city had worked very well. "Concrete solutions were sought for each problem."


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