The second avalanche of metal rolls through kitzingen

The second avalanche of metal rolls through kitzingen

Today begins the second phase of construction on the state road 2271.
What does this mean for motorists?

While in the first section, car owners driving from volkach to marktbreit were affected by the detours, the opposite direction is now affected – from marktbreit in the direction of volkach. In detail, the second construction phase stretches from the south bridge to the bicycle bridge that leads from sthashausen into the settlement. For motorists coming from the direction of marktbreit, this means: there is no further way at the south bridge. Who wants to go to the city or anywhere else, must take the way over the sudbrucke. The traffic, especially at rush hour, is programmed to be heavy. However, the detour via the sudbrucke is only possible until friday, 20. April, possible. On the following three days, the sudbrucke including the ramp is affected by the tree removals. Until then, however, the access from the panzerstrabe to the staatsstrabe in the direction of volkach is guaranteed again. At least at the gustav-adolf-square in the city center the traffic is flowing again. The work has been completed, the construction site vehicles dismantled. However, they are now just standing somewhere else.

The work on the state road 2271 has become necessary because the surface layer was in a bad condition. The binder course between the road surface was also damaged in places. The tree removals improve the road quality, but also pursue another goal: during the work, the traffic lights and their contact loops are upgraded – so that the functional traffic computer can arrive. 


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