Lost economy humanism ab?

Lost economy humanism ab?

Josef hofbauer an economics branch is to complete the educational landscape at the grammar schools in the district of forchheim. Ingrid kafferlein, head of the herder grammar school in forchheim, came up with the idea in the middle of last year. As a result, all of the district’s high school principals expressed interest in this educational option. The ministry of education and cultural affairs has now asked the district, as the responsible authority, to propose a site for the school. The members of the district cultural committee voted with only one dissenting vote in favor of the herder grammar school as a location.

Only 650 students left

Thus the district council chose the school with the smallest number of students. While around 900 students each attend the ehrenburg-gymnasium in forchheim and the gymnasium frankische schweiz in ebermannstadt, the herder gymnasium has only around 650 students. Here, according to principal ingrid kafferlein, the humanities branch only exists on paper. In recent years, for example, not a single student has chosen ancient greek as a subject. With 370 children, the majority of the schoolchildren had chosen the artistic branch. 250 children attended the language branch of this school. In ebermannstadt, 222 students in the eighth to tenth grades of the natural sciences branch of the school face 158 children of the same age from the social sciences branch.

Summer days at the camp

Summer, vacations, camps, what could be better for children and young people?. For 67 participants from all over bavaria this dream became reality. This was made possible by the "faber-nurnberg" team of the federation of the scouts (bdp) and the lions clubs in the districts bavaria-north and -east on a meadow at the edge of the forest on the jurassic plateau between tiefenellern and herzogenreuth.

32 volunteers

The boys and girls, aged between eight and 17, arrived by bus from wurzburg and nurnberg. For ten days they stayed away from home and civilization, they had to organize everything themselves with the help of the 32 volunteer teammates. First the sleeping tents for the new groups had to be set up, but also tents for food, for games, a tea and coffee/cocoa tent, one for the supply of games, for the injured and of course for the cake.
Instead of thunderbolts there were porta-potties, the water was supplied by the litzendorf volunteer fire department with its tanker truck and filled fresh every day into several thousand-liter containers.

Lowen are in a tight spot

Lowen are in a tight spot

The project of the lowen exists only since the middle of 2018 and was founded after the bundesliga relegation of the gotha rockets playing in erfurt, to keep professional basketball in erfurt. The managing directors are the former bamberg bundesliga manager wolfgang heyder and florian gut, who was also active in bamberg basketball for many years. Gut also acts as the coach of the team, which this year is not doing as well as expected. Last year’s play-off participant is in last place in the table with 1:12 victories and is already eight points behind the currently saving shore.

For the guests the meeting in strullendorf is therefore already almost the last chance to escape the relegation round. Therefore one looked around in the winter break after verstarkungen, how well after the home defeat against gieben announced: "we examine at present different player profiles. We are talking to several players and will work hard during the winter break to find a strong new signing."

Coburg deficit amounts to 12.6 million euros

Coburg deficit amounts to 12.6 million euros

Nevertheless, the majority of the city council was satisfied with the result yesterday, since the city had planned a deficit for 2012 that was almost twice as high (23.5 million).
But this does not mean that the city had saved eleven million euros in its expenditures: according to all forecasts, it will also earn more in 2013, especially in trade tax. While revenues rose by around 15 million euros compared to the previous year, expenditures went up by around four million euros.
And these increases are not the city’s fault; according to chamberlain wilhelm austen, they are almost entirely due to the levies: both the trade tax and the district levy are rising, so that of the targeted 58.3 million euros in trade tax, only 28.6 million euros remain in the city’s coffers. In addition to spending on day-to-day administration, some 35.7 million euros are also earmarked for investments. This includes schools and daycare centers, but also the purchase of the guterbahnhof land and six million euros for the redevelopment areas of the coburg housing company.
"First consolidations and conscious savings really bear fruit", summed up austen. However, things like wage increases or higher costs for home stays in youth welfare could quickly lead to unforeseen cost increases.


Eu summit to end dispute over eu finances in early february

eu summit to end dispute over eu finances in early february

EU council president herman van rompuy will most likely make the financial planning for the seven-year period, which failed in november, the main topic of an EU summit on 7 june./8. February. "It is likely, but not yet certain, that this will be another summit on the financial planning of the european union," it hailed from its surroundings in brussel on thursday.

Van rompuy had said the day before in dublin that he was "optimistic about an agreement, preferably in february". Within the next ten days, he has to decide whether he really sees a chance for a compromise: at the latest on the 21st of this month. January the summit agenda must be ready.

Police action at the hells angels – no sharp weapons discovered

Police action at the hells angels - no sharp weapons discovered

The large-scale operation on thursday evening with around 300 police officers, including 70 special forces and tracking dogs, was fruitless in the districts of wedding and wilmersdorf. "We have not discovered any sharp weapons," police spokesman stefan redlich told the dpa news agency this evening. Closer the police wanted to announce on friday.

There had been reasonable suspicion that pistols and assault rifles were in one of the objects. According to the spokesman, it was not a raid. A search warrant had been obtained from the court. Assault rifles are subject to the war weapons control act.

More clarity for honey with “origin earth

More clarity for honey with 'origin earth

Potatoes from the region, specialties from italy: in the supermarket, many people like to pay attention to where food actually comes from.

But sometimes there’s just a “mixture of EU and non-EU countries” – namely on many honey jars on the shelves. That says no more than “origin: planet earth,” complains the consumer organization foodwatch. “Such a label may be of interest to the alien population.”Beekeepers also call for clearer information on origin. German food minister julia klockner (CDU) supports a push for stricter EU rules.

Kramp-karrenbauer does not rule out hormus mission

Kramp-karrenbauer does not rule out hormus mission

Defense minister annegret kramp-karrenbauer (CDU) does not rule out in principle the participation of the german armed forces in a european protection mission for merchant ships in the strait of hormus.

However, she stressed during a visit to the operations command in geltow near potsdam that there is as yet neither a request nor a concrete picture of how such an operation would be designed. Regarding the anti-IS mission in syria and iraq, which is controversial within the coalition, the minister said that the mission is still considered "absolutely necessary" at present. In august, she plans to visit the soldiers involved in the operation.

Bad kissingen golf club prepares for the future

bad kissingen golf club prepares for the future

The golf club bad kissingen has the most important mabnahmen of the "projekt platz 2020" completed. He has now told the press. This is to secure the future of the golf club and the club facilities, it says.

An english head greenskeeper was hired for the new course maintenance structure. Oko-dynamic principles apply. Work on a new irrigation system began in 2016. The bunkers were built according to the english concept with steep walls. The gruns, some of which are already 100 years old, received a new ocological processing concept. The layout of the runways was redesigned to better fit into the park landscape. In the "golf&" project nature" the golf club received the desired silver certificate in may 2018. . In addition, in coordination with the bund naturschutz, bird stands and insect hotels were set up and a stone landscape for small animals was created.

Imf expects global recession due to corona virus

imf expects global recession due to corona virus

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the global economy will shrink dramatically this year: the international monetary fund (IMF) expects the worst global recession in almost a century.

Global economic output could fall by 3 percent in 2020, and by as much as 7.5 percent in the euro zone, according to the IMF’s latest global economic forecast. In january, the IMF was still forecasting global growth of 3.3 percent for 2020, with the euro zone expected to grow by 1.3 percent.