Lost economy humanism ab?

Lost economy humanism ab?

Josef hofbauer an economics branch is to complete the educational landscape at the grammar schools in the district of forchheim. Ingrid kafferlein, head of the herder grammar school in forchheim, came up with the idea in the middle of last year. As a result, all of the district’s high school principals expressed interest in this educational option. The ministry of education and cultural affairs has now asked the district, as the responsible authority, to propose a site for the school. The members of the district cultural committee voted with only one dissenting vote in favor of the herder grammar school as a location.

Only 650 students left

Thus the district council chose the school with the smallest number of students. While around 900 students each attend the ehrenburg-gymnasium in forchheim and the gymnasium frankische schweiz in ebermannstadt, the herder gymnasium has only around 650 students. Here, according to principal ingrid kafferlein, the humanities branch only exists on paper. In recent years, for example, not a single student has chosen ancient greek as a subject. With 370 children, the majority of the schoolchildren had chosen the artistic branch. 250 children attended the language branch of this school. In ebermannstadt, 222 students in the eighth to tenth grades of the natural sciences branch of the school face 158 children of the same age from the social sciences branch.

In a twelve-page statement, the district administration took a close look at the locations and catchment areas and analyzed the traffic flows to forchheim and ebermannstadt. The result: parents often decide in favor of the school that is most conveniently accessible by transportation. In many cases, the decision to pursue a school career is not made on the basis of aptitude, but rather according to pragmatic considerations. This is confirmed by carmen scholz, advisory principal at the state education authority in forchheim.

Additions from erlangen?

Principal ingrid kafferlein of herder-gymnasium is pleased that the members of the cultural committee have voted in favor of her school as a location for a branch of business studies. This is the course of education that is currently most in demand in bavaria. Therefore, she was surprised that there was no such offer in the district of forchheim so far; and she tried to find one.

Based on current topics, the students learned about elements of the economic and legal systems. Historical roots and basic theoretical knowledge were also taught. The school graduates were able to assess economic and legal decisions and take responsibility for influencing social and political life. The way companies act is increasingly shaped by the acquisition, presentation, processing and transfer of information. Business informatics represents an interface between business administration and computer science.

Growth from erlangen?

Last but not least, ingrid kafferlein hopes that the introduction of this branch of the school will also attract children from the neighboring district of erlangen-hochstadt to the herder-gymnasium, because neither erlangen nor the district has a grammar school with an economics branch. However, there is said to be at least one application from erlangen for the introduction of such a branch.

District administrator hermann ulm (CSU) was pleased about the clear vote. The clear majority shows that the district supports this school branch in the long term. This could positively influence the decision of the ministry of education, ulm hopes. Should the herder grammar school get the approval s, classes in this branch could begin at the earliest in the 2020/21 school year.


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