“Booker worm” snaked its way through oberhaid

The new children’s, youth and cultural center (KJK center) in oberhaid is increasingly being filled with life. Although the official opening will not take place until 6. September with an open day and a blessing ceremony. The bookstore, however, has already made its move – and this in an unusual way.
Until now, oberhaid has had a community library st. Bartholomaus, where oberhaider children, teenagers and adults could stock up on 50 square meters of reading material. But now a quantum leap has taken place, with more than 10,000 books, magazines and modern media now lined up on 200 square meters in the new oberhaid bookstore.
"With us now education and inclusion is written more than ever roughly", oberhaider mayor carsten joneitis (SPD) was pleased about the move to the new reading temple, which offers new reading dimensions with horschleifen, i.E. Simultaneous translation. The procession itself was extraordinary, an endless "bookworm" lined up from the old bookstore with elementary and middle school children and youths. From one hand to the other, children’s and young people’s literature, as well as adult novels, went to the new oberhaider bookstore.
Already in the run-up to the move, the bookstore manager sabine jahn and her impressive staff of 29 volunteers had done an immense amount of work and had already filled numerous bookshelves. She was supported by the apprentices of the company bosch, who spent days hauling and putting away the books. The bookworm was of course celebrated in style.
Thomas muller from the oberhaid brass band accompanied the book caravan with trumpet sounds, and the designer sabrina griesbach received a big bouquet of flowers for designing the new bookstore logo.
Sabine jahn, mayor joneitis and of course the oberhaider bookworms are looking forward to the new library, also the mothers are invited to the reading cafe on wednesday mornings and afternoons, meanwhile the book lovers of the future can have fun in the game corner. At the parade party, all participants received a small gift and a raffle with prizes from the "fassla" beer for the "rough" ones and plus animals for elementary school children.


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