Police action at the hells angels – no sharp weapons discovered

Police action at the hells angels - no sharp weapons discovered

The large-scale operation on thursday evening with around 300 police officers, including 70 special forces and tracking dogs, was fruitless in the districts of wedding and wilmersdorf. "We have not discovered any sharp weapons," police spokesman stefan redlich told the dpa news agency this evening. Closer the police wanted to announce on friday.

There had been reasonable suspicion that pistols and assault rifles were in one of the objects. According to the spokesman, it was not a raid. A search warrant had been obtained from the court. Assault rifles are subject to the war weapons control act.

So far, police have had no indication that the weapons were taken away, for example, because of a tip-off prior to the search. "With this action, we also wanted to show very clearly how dangerous we consider biker crime to be and that the police will act with complete consistency in the event of suspicion," said redlich.

In a bar in the wedding seven people were examined. There were no arrests; also no resistance.

Rocker gangs have developed into a force of their own in organized crime over the past ten years. In more recent times, there had been repeated police raids in the rocker milieu throughout germany.

In 2012, the interior ministries of many federal states got serious: some rocker clubs were banned. In berlin, a handful of bandidos reacted faster. They disbanded and defected to the hells angels in potsdam.

The hells angels were founded in 1948 by harley-davidson enthusiasts in california in the u.S. The organization is considered to be the strongest and most powerful rocker club in the world. The hells angels local groups also have a "sergeant at arms" who is responsible for the protection of the club and the armament. In addition to knives, axes and machetes, firearms and explosives are frequently uncovered during raids.


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