German rush for the oscar

german rush for the oscar

Final spurt for director florian henckel von donnersmarck and his team: just a few hours before oscar night, the nominees for the film "work without an author" are surrounded by camera crews and hundreds of guests at the traditional reception in the villa aurora.

Actors tom schilling, sebastian koch, saskia rosendahl and oliver masucci await the trophaen gala in the garden of the historic villa with a pacific view, where writer lion feuchtwanger once lived.

"Be a little bit already and easily have one in the tea," jokes leading actor schilling (37) about the upcoming appearance on the red carpet. In the oscar-nominated portrait of the artist, he plays the main character of kurt barnert, based on the life of the iconic artist gerhard richter.

"I went all the way to los angeles for the oscar, and I would love to win the award for germany," stresses masucci (50). Koch (56), who was present at the oscar triumph of donnersmarck’s film "the lives of others" twelve years ago, is a little more drawn to it. "I don’t see the odds as insanely rough, but anything is possible," says the actor.

"Work without an author" is among the five nominees in the category "non-english language" film, the mexican entry "roma" is considered a frontrunner. The netflix production has been marketed by the streaming service with a budget in the millions.

Donnersmarck (45) sees, with some regret, a changed cinematic landscape with more television formats. "I’m not quite ready to give up cinema as a medium or leave it to the superheroes without a fight. But maybe I’m one of the last romantics," says the director.

Born kolner made history by winning an oscar on sunday. So far, no director has succeeded in bringing two so-called foreign oscars to germany.


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