Unusual tone from the pipe

Unusual tone from the pipe

Unaccustomed sounds were the 4. Didgeridoo sound days at the ernst farm this weekend. In addition to workshops, there was live music and an open stage.

"Open stage" for everyone in the event room or whoever wanted to, could get a taste of stage air and present their performance to the audience. Handlers had brought the entire range of didgeridoos, the traditional musical instrument of the north australian aborigines, and many hobby players from the region took advantage of the offer to test the instruments on the spot. Spontaneously came many a small "concert" together.

Pleasant vibration

Jerry from koln can't read music, but she can play the didgeridoo perfectly. He is fascinated by this instrument and finds the vibration very pleasant on the lips. Seven years ago, the colner was looking for wind instruments on the internet and came across instructions for building an instrument from a sewer pipe. "For 15 euros i afford it", he thought at the time and has not been able to get away from this way of making music. Didgeridoo music is improvised and a few players can get together and celebrate this special kind of music.

Precious wood and silver decoration

Walter had started making music years ago and was looking for good instruments to play. Having worked with wood since he was a child, he thought he would be able to build these didgeridoos, which are on the market, to a higher quality. He has spent a lot of money on the appropriate tools and machines, but he describes the result as good and successful. Professional players had described his instruments as being of absolutely high quality. Walter makes the dideridoos from a single piece of precious wood, so they can be tuned in seconds.

From 1400 euro his instruments are available. The ones with real silver lining are already in the price segment of about 5000 euro. From young people to pensioners, these musical instruments of the north australian aborigines are purchased.

In australia, by the way, the didgeridoos were traditionally made by the natives from a trunk of local eucalyptus species hollowed out by termites.


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