Chipperfield’s reception for berlin’s museum island

Chipperfield's reception for berlin's museum island

A colonnade with 110 super-slim concrete columns – this is how the future reception building for berlin's museum island rises out of the water of the spree river. Behind it, the award-winning renovated new museum with the bust of nefertiti, next to the world-famous pergamon museum, which is currently being renovated.

From 2019, around 8,000 people a day are expected to begin their visit to the unique cultural ensemble in the so-called james simon gallery. The house, designed by star architect david chipperfield, features a communal ticket office, cafe, checkrooms and museum shop. An auditorium for 300 people and an almost 700 square meter room for special exhibitions are also planned.

Raf terror 1977: “german autumn” changes the republic

Raf terror 1977:

The 5. September 1977 is a monday. Employer president hanns martin schleyer died at 17.30 o'clock on the way from the office to his koln apartment. Suddenly a blue baby carriage is parked on the street.

A yellow mercedes pulls out of a driveway. Schleyer's driver hits the brakes hard, the escort vehicle with the three bodyguards catches up with schleyer's car. At the same moment, four RAF terrorists open fire. The driver and the three policemen are shot, the employer's president is dragged out of the car and taken away.

Ballack remains at bayer – contract “not to be served”

Ballack remains at bayer - contract 'not to be served'

The lawyer from luxembourg stressed that the 35-year-old soccer star would continue to perform his current professional duties with full ambition. "There are the two champions league games against FC barcelona. Maybe they still need him there. And there are still goals in the bundesliga, too," becker added.

Ballack’s advisor ended all recent speculations about an immediate change of his client with his statements. The "mannheimer morgen" had brought up real mallorca – this is no longer an issue "and never was an issue. That is why it was not a question for us.Instead, becker told "spiegel online" of possible other employers for the 98-time national player after his bayer aara: "after his time in leverkusen, he could go to china, arabia and the u.S.A.". Everyone can think for himself what he will do."

Moonlight serenade thrills audience

Moonlight serenade thrills audience

It was fate when, on 6. July 1987 at the clubhouse in kulmbach, germany, before the fall of communism. The right people in the right place. A musical bond has grown out of this, which is now being celebrated in a grandiose concert on the occasion of the 25. Jubilee culminated: the 5. Moonlight serenade in the romantic courtyard of wernstein castle again saw many visitors who loved to be inspired not only by the driving play of the altogether 15 interpreters, but also by the dreamlike ambience of a later light-blue colored summer sky.

The evening offered everything to make the blood of jazz, swing and dixie fans pulse faster, to bring the melancholy of the blues so close to them that you feel a bit far away in the south of the USA.

Nrw: court overturns quarantine obligation for foreign returnees

Nrw: court overturns quarantine obligation for foreign returnees

Travelers returning from risk areas abroad no longer have to stay in quarantines for the time being, following a court ruling in north rhine-westphalia.

The north rhine-westphalia ministry of health has suspended the state’s corona entry regulation a few hours after a decision by the higher administrative court in munster (OVG). The judges had dealt with the complaint of a holidaymaker at whose destination the infection figures are lower than in his home country – he therefore considers quarantines on return to be inappropriate. The judges followed his argumentation.

German rush for the oscar

german rush for the oscar

Final spurt for director florian henckel von donnersmarck and his team: just a few hours before oscar night, the nominees for the film "work without an author" are surrounded by camera crews and hundreds of guests at the traditional reception in the villa aurora.

Actors tom schilling, sebastian koch, saskia rosendahl and oliver masucci await the trophaen gala in the garden of the historic villa with a pacific view, where writer lion feuchtwanger once lived.

When santa claus brings depilatory cream

When Santa Claus brings depilatory cream

Eggs, depilatory cream and cucumber – the children looked quite silly out of the wash when santa claus stood in front of them. The absent-minded grandfather, played by natascha eckert, had mixed up the shopping list with the wish list. The result was an unusual gift that brought cheer to the christmas party of the mainleus chapter of the workmen's welfare association in the multi-generation house.

The sketch was the brainchild of stephanie busch, natascha eckert, fiona geyer, franziska pfreundner and miriam zeller from the "flashlights" awo-garde.

Muller and stamm-fibich: soon at the same table?

Muller and Stamm-fibich: soon at the same table?

She has already set up her two offices. Their employees are hired and trained. SPD member of parliament martina stamm-fibich already has her own apartment, taken over by fellow party member renate schmidt. Actually only one thing is missing: a government.

Which one that will be, grob koalition or a completely different one, the politician can't say yet. She is waiting for the end of the coalition negotiations: "many in the party are very wait-and-see, take a chance, discuss. For me pays, what is written on the paper in the end."

Significant increase in the number of traffic fatalities

significant increase in the number of traffic fatalities

Significantly more people died on germany’s roads in the first half of 2017 than in the same period of the previous year. More than 1,500 people died in the first six months – a 6.2 percent increase.

According to preliminary figures from the federal statistical office, 1536 pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers or motorcyclists died in traffic accidents. The number of people injured fell slightly by 0.2 percent to around 183,900, the statisticians announced in wiesbaden on tuesday.