More clarity for honey with “origin earth

More clarity for honey with 'origin earth

Potatoes from the region, specialties from italy: in the supermarket, many people like to pay attention to where food actually comes from.

But sometimes there’s just a “mixture of EU and non-EU countries” – namely on many honey jars on the shelves. That says no more than “origin: planet earth,” complains the consumer organization foodwatch. “Such a label may be of interest to the alien population.”Beekeepers also call for clearer information on origin. German food minister julia klockner (CDU) supports a push for stricter EU rules.

There it also spoiled the harvest!

There he has the salad, with his plants! Hans-jurgen eichfelder was hit hard by this half hour of massive thunderstorms on wednesday. Not so much the bamberger itself, like gemuse and plants on its flat near hallstadt, which had probably been at the center of the storm. On a flat of three to four hectares in the north of the bamberger gartnerflur, which, so to speak, runs into the hallstadter and the schrebergarten area "roppach eichfelder has estimated the damage at 10,000 euros.
Hail pierced and shredded coarse foliage. Savoy cabbage, kohlrabi and ruccola were hit and damaged. Of course, this does not detract from the taste, but because of the appearance, the defective goods can no longer be given to the roughneck dealers. Is eichfelder insured? "With our flat ones we had to reckon with contributing around 40,000 euros a year." This is probably just too expensive for the farms.
Wednesday's bad weather also caused damage to hallstadt's vegetable growers. Obviously, however, not in such proportions as with eichfelder, show the statements of the hallstadt chairman of the bavarian farmers' association, wolfgang hofmann. His fields are located north of hallstadt, eichfelders in the south, which together with the hallstadt center and commercial area was most affected. Hofmann will probably only be able to offer and consume lettuce that has been perforated by hail within the family circle. It will take time for the vegetable growers to deal with the consequences of the storm.
It is settled at least for the many honorary fire-brigade people, who had engaged themselves there together with the task forces from hallstadt and dorfleins.

Weirs well occupied

As hallstadt's second-in-command wolfgang kohmann reports, the city's firefighters alone – who had received support from a number of others in the surrounding area – were able to fill the tank from 12 onward.38 o'clock to 21 o'clock in action. The reason were mainly full cellars. How could it come to this?
We have inquired with district fire chief bernhard ziegmann. According to this, the wind first swept leaves from the trees on wednesday. Then it hailed. Hailstones and leaves clogged drains. Therefore water could not flow away. "And then came the downpour. There the water ran freely into the cellar."
Hallstadt's second kohmann adds: "the water had nowhere to go." Because of this, and partly because of malfunctioning flaps, cellars were affected.
Pumping out takes between a quarter of an hour and an hour, depending on the situation the crews have to deal with.
Kohmann's basic advice to homeowners is to place electrical equipment as high as possible so that it doesn't get wet. Cartons should also be stored high and preferably on shelves so that they do not get soaked. It is good when cellars are not blocked and above all when there is no junk standing around "this helps us firefighters during operations."
Even the firefighters themselves are not immune to flooded cellars. There have been a number of such cases in the hallstadt fire department.
Kohmann has another important tip for homeowners: "it's best to take two or three photos of the firefighting operation, as this can help with insurance later on." The operations themselves, so the further demand, are free of charge for the affected, so ziegmann. Keyword "higher violence.

Naked beauty

Naked beauty

Ferdinand lepcke is "a much too little noticed artist", the director of the art collections, klaus weschenfelder, has to state. The first comprehensive exhibition of works by the artist, who was born in coburg and later established himself in berlin, opens at the veste today. And whoever looks at the 35 or so original sculptures assembled here after quite a lot of research work – carried out by the museologist nicky heise – especially in comparison with 20 works by other contemporary artists, can no longer understand why so little attention is later paid to one of the art stars of the imperial era.

The people of coburg know lepcke, encounter him at various locations in the city, the dramatic fountain of the flood in the rose garden of course, the "bogenspannerin in the station street "phryne" in the small rose garden, for example, which does not mean that these images should be given gross attention was given. And that in the "stadtische sammlungen coburg" (coburg municipal collections) a series of wonderful works rest in the depot… Now, at least, they are coming to light, in a meaningful and revealing way, in well-structured contexts.
Nicky heise, klaus weschenfelder and susanne kahler from the kunstgussmuseum lauchhammer, where the exhibition will be shown from may, have written a monograph on lepcke, including a catalogue raisonne. Ferdinand lepcke – a (re)discovery, one could almost say, especially for coburg.

Discussion about cemetery of rest continues

No peace returns to the discussion about a cemetery of rest in the urban area. The fact that interest in such an alternative form of burial has not come to a standstill was shown at a discussion to which the free voters of eber (E) had invited to the former school of reutersbrunn.
On 1. In august, a city council committee is formed to develop proposals for alternative forms of burial for the administration and the full council. At the end of the meeting, chairman thomas limpert referred to the recommendations of the municipal council and the district administration, which were against a cemetery of rest. "There are already so many other facilities as models, also in our county, and they have all been contractually agreed upon. Why should that not be possible here?", said limpert.
A spokeswoman for the citizens' initiative expressed her displeasure that no progress had been made since the collection of signatures two years ago, although there was a possible operator who would implement the project without cost and effort for the municipality. "Then we will go to baunach, if such a forest cemetery is created there", said the spokeswoman.
The continuing trend toward urn burials was also affirmed by SPD city councilor werner freibott. From meetings of the audit committee, he said there were 65 to 80 burials a year throughout the city, two-thirds of which were urn graves. Freibott, however, also mentioned the deficit in the funeral service, which should actually be calculated to cover costs. "We actually had to raise the fees by a few percentage points every year without long discussions", he said with regard to wage adjustments, but immediately added that no one in the city council is in favor of it. Freibott referred to his experience through many conversations, according to which in the villages there is no interest in a forest cemetery. In the city, freibott estimates the shares at "half and half".
Councilman philipp arnold corrected the impression that nothing had happened in the matter: "contrary to the administration's proposal, the process was not discarded with the majority decision in the city council in march, but kept running. But the idea can only be pursued if it is clear how it is to be financed."
Baron von rotenhan does not see any problems in this, as he had also explained at his own information event with a consulting lawyer. At that time his forest near fierst was still under discussion. Now he has committed himself to the forest on the high ground in front of kurzewind.
"In the meantime, the project takes up more of my time than my "rough events", said von rotenhan. "There is so much heart blood in it, because I am convinced of the idea that such a forest cemetery means a chance for the whole of ebern and would also arouse interest in larger neighboring towns."

Decision in principle necessary

For the new location he has in mind a parking lot to the left and right of the existing access road from the street to kurzewind. "Cars should not be allowed to drive too far into the forest." There will be no anonymous graves, a place of worship is part of the facility, which also takes into account the requirements of the clergy.
Thomas stegner, as moderator, stated – also graphically – that the first step in the responsible city council committee must be to make a basic decision. If the decision is in favor of a resting forest, it will have to be clarified in stage 2 whether the forest should be built under the direction of the city or by private initiative.
Freiherr von rotenhan assured the city that he would accommodate the city up to the point of registration in the land register.

Burning oil tanker off china threatens to explode

Burning oil tanker off china threatens to explode

The burning oil tanker off the coast of eastern china is in danger of exploding and sinking. Two days after the collision with a cargo ship, the 274-meter-long iranian vessel remained in flames on monday, with emergency crews unable to get the fire under control.

One body has now been found, according to the ministry of agriculture in beijing. The identity still needs to be clarified. 32 sailors, including 30 from iran and two from bangladesh, have been missing since the accident.

Sommerach tennis department now only with five teams

At the annual meeting of the tennis department of the SV-DJK sommerach, department head andreas durr buried honorary members erich heinlein and winfried kraus, according to a press release. Before he looked back on the past year, he remembered the members karin wolfel and peter herget who had died during this period.

The head of the department thanked the numerous helpers, whose efforts he praised in particular in the repair of the grounds and at the various sporting and social events. He paid special tribute to erich and jutta heinlein for their commitment to the maintenance of the grounds. He appealed to the members to take the cleanliness of the facility and the generally renovated tennis hut even more to heart. A special cleaning plan and a list of helpers will be helpful in this regard.

In thuisbrunn, young emergency forces rehearse for day x

In thuisbrunn, young emergency forces rehearse for day x

On a cloudy day in november, youth fire departments from thuisbrunn, egloffstein, ebermannstadt and walkersbrunn met to mark the end of the year with their closing ceremony.
According to the district fire department, they received support from the youth groups of the bavarian red cross from forchheim as well as the youth group of the THW from kirchehrenbach at the exercise.

At about 15 o'clock, the organizations involved in the exercise were alerted by radio. The scenario on which the exercise was based was "explosion on a farm – fire in the wood chip plant". Several persons were injured, one even trapped.
After the head of operations had gained a picture of the damage situation, the focus of the operation could be determined.

A price for house for three generations

A price for house for three generations

Actually, we didn’t think it would work anyway," says heinz hofmann. He sits in his house at friedenstrabe 2 a on a wooden beam. The room around him is still a construction site. There is a hole in the ceiling that allows a view of the floor above, where bricks and wooden planks lie. The floor is feminine and dusty, the small desk, which is provisionally placed in the room, full of tools.

But the 79-year-old is radiant. He made it. He won with his 100-year-old house, which he bought in 2011 in a dilapidated condition. At least almost. "The most beautiful residential property" searched "focus online" on its homepage.

Collecting out of fashion

Collecting out of fashion

The stamp and coin collectors of kitzingen had probably not had so many visitors as at the annual general meeting on friday evening in the adjoining room of the frankischer hof for a long time. "It’s a miracle to see so many people", said chairman gunther sindel during the burial of the guests.

60 years of loyalty

The main reason for the lively attendance at the meeting was probably the honoring of long-serving and deserving members of the association. At the top eberhard schlerf, who has not only been loyal to the association for 60 years. For his services to the association as a long-time secretary, he also received the golden association medal. An award that was also presented on friday to rolf seifert (treasurer), to peter muller (novelty caretaker) and to long-time board member karl gotz.

Uwe sub threw the balls most safely

The whole stanich kanwa suffered from cold rainy autumn weather on the weekend. A bunch of 23 steadfast people from near and far (untersteinach) nevertheless met in the city park to cure the boccia city champions during the three-hour rain break on saturday afternoon. There were fewer children this year, because the fire department had scheduled a drill at the marketplace at the same time, with a "serious traffic accident right next to the carousel" training, in which the stadtsteinach children's fire department also helped out in full assembly with heavy equipment.
In the meantime, the 23 ball athletes were drawn into five groups in the city park, from each of which the best two advanced to the intermediate round, in which the final participants were then determined. The performance spectrum of the players was extremely wide. Finally, in stadtsteinach boccia becomes rather
randomly played: people meet every third saturday at 2 pm from spring to autumn. Who comes, is there. There is no more organization, but the relatively rough facility is kept in good shape all year round by the building yard and others.

Julian Heinz in the lead among young people

After throwing or rolling more than 400 balls the winners of the 10. City championship finally fixed. In the final of the youths, emil muller was only a few centimeters unlucky and finally had to leave the somewhat coarser burgermeister-wolfrum trophy to julian heinz. Also unlucky was his father, patrick muller, who received only lukewarm congratulations for his fourth-place finish after the adult finals. But in any case, a family cup, which did not exist yet, had belonged to the mullers.
Already in the middle of the final round, there were isolated shouts of "uwe, uwe" and-shouts and "let's bet a tenner" were heard?" According to. And finally it didn't help that marcel ott threw his ball a little too far, but pulled the mausla with it, and that ingo koll had been continuously good throughout the tournament
threw. Not for nothing has koll already won the city championship three times and with it the first challenge cup forever. Winner was in the end uwe sub. In addition to the title of city champion 2017, he therefore also received the annual winner's trophy and the new challenge cup donated by wolfgang hoderlein – until the next city championship at the stanich kerwa 2018.