German rush for the oscar

german rush for the oscar

Final spurt for director florian henckel von donnersmarck and his team: just a few hours before oscar night, the nominees for the film "work without an author" are surrounded by camera crews and hundreds of guests at the traditional reception in the villa aurora.

Actors tom schilling, sebastian koch, saskia rosendahl and oliver masucci await the trophaen gala in the garden of the historic villa with a pacific view, where writer lion feuchtwanger once lived.

When santa claus brings depilatory cream

When Santa Claus brings depilatory cream

Eggs, depilatory cream and cucumber – the children looked quite silly out of the wash when santa claus stood in front of them. The absent-minded grandfather, played by natascha eckert, had mixed up the shopping list with the wish list. The result was an unusual gift that brought cheer to the christmas party of the mainleus chapter of the workmen's welfare association in the multi-generation house.

The sketch was the brainchild of stephanie busch, natascha eckert, fiona geyer, franziska pfreundner and miriam zeller from the "flashlights" awo-garde.

Muller and stamm-fibich: soon at the same table?

Muller and Stamm-fibich: soon at the same table?

She has already set up her two offices. Their employees are hired and trained. SPD member of parliament martina stamm-fibich already has her own apartment, taken over by fellow party member renate schmidt. Actually only one thing is missing: a government.

Which one that will be, grob koalition or a completely different one, the politician can't say yet. She is waiting for the end of the coalition negotiations: "many in the party are very wait-and-see, take a chance, discuss. For me pays, what is written on the paper in the end."

Significant increase in the number of traffic fatalities

significant increase in the number of traffic fatalities

Significantly more people died on germany’s roads in the first half of 2017 than in the same period of the previous year. More than 1,500 people died in the first six months – a 6.2 percent increase.

According to preliminary figures from the federal statistical office, 1536 pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers or motorcyclists died in traffic accidents. The number of people injured fell slightly by 0.2 percent to around 183,900, the statisticians announced in wiesbaden on tuesday.

No team left out

No team left out

"I spent my youth on the main and with the handball players", tells karlheinz menger – and his face is beaming and he looks as if he doesn't want to miss a minute of it. For over 50 years he has been loyal to his club, the gymnastics club 1861 marktsteft, and has already experienced a lot together with them. At the annual general meeting on friday evening he was awarded the golden pin of honor of the association for special merits. "He did a lot as a youth coach for many years, coordinator on the court and helper in the club", said the chairman gunther thorwarth in his laudation.

The 1939 born TV-urgestein from marktsteft remembers gladly old times: "we played in former times handball-grobfeld with eleven men on the place down at the main, that knows today almost nobody more." In his early days at TV, grobfeld handball was played outdoors, later also in the old gymnasium in neubaustrabe (today's reservist home) and after the new building in 1990 in the multi-purpose hall, which belongs to the city. Menger was always there. He played with the schoolboys, in the youth (C-youth for eight years), in the 1st team and in the first team. And 2. Team and with the old men. "Until I was 45 years old, I played as an active handball player", he tells proudly. For eight years, he was also in charge of the old men's team, after which he continued to work as a referee for his club. His position was mainly center forward.

Beaten after a brawl in donnersdorf

Beaten after a brawl in donnersdorf

The wine festival in donnersdorf must have been a lively affair. A 19-year-old adolescent liked the taste of grape juice so much that he got drunk at two parts per million. When he was provoked by another boy in this state of uninhibited alcohol consumption, he saw red and punched the opponent in the nose with his fist. Because of intentional bodily harm he now has to pay a fine of 600 euros to the district youth association habberge.

In front of the juvenile judge martin kober the young man from the district town habfurt showed himself fully confessed. This facilitated the trial, which took place yesterday, monday, in the district court of habfurt.
On the night of whitsunday this year, the accused had partied extensively with friends, and the group did not leave for home until shortly before four o'clock in the morning. When they staggered onto the road, a car stopped and its occupants insulted the fubgangers. They bickered back, but it did not remain with the verbal argument.

Eu commission flunks italy’s budget plans

Eu commission flunks italy's budget plans

In a historically unique move, the EU commission has rejected the budget plans of heavily indebted italy and warned of dangers for the entire euro zone.

The right-wing populist government in rome is "openly and deliberately" defying all its commitments, said EU vice-president valdis dombrovskis. Italy’s budget plans represented a serious violation of european stability rules. The right-wing populist government, however, continued to be combative and sees an attack "on the people".

All are back

all are back

"Do not fear, only believe". This call to the traditional vierzehnheiligen pilgrimage was followed last weekend not only by numerous sommerach citizens, but also by men and women from the surrounding area.

The pilgrimage to the place of grace in vierzehnheiligen has long become a permanent fixture for many people from sommerach. This was also the case for otmar kreis, who, as a 70-year-old, made his 34th pilgrimage this year. Was there for the first time. Kreis was the oldest participant among the 94 pilgrims, along with gerhard neeser (75 years old) and franz- leo zang (72 years old). Among them also ten-year-old noah ostreicher. He joined the pilgrimage for the third time. "It was fun again, also because my whole family was there," said noah. When asked if the pilgrimage route was not too strenuous for him, he replied: "I drove a bit by car in the early morning, otherwise I would have fallen asleep".