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CCM/E Oversight

Oversight is a coordinated set of activities -- gathering information, analyzing information, taking action, and reporting -- to support and ensure that grant activities are implemented as planned, and to identify and resolve implementation issues and bottlenecks.  Oversight of Global Fund grants is a core function of the Ethiopia Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM/E) as mandated by the CCM/E Governance Manual [section 3 (iii)].

In addition, CCM oversight is a specific Global Fund requirement.

Requirement 3: Recognizing the importance of oversight, the Global Fund requires all CCMs to submit and follow an oversight plan for all financing approved by the Global Fund.  The plan must detail oversight activities, and must describe how the CCM will engage program stakeholders in oversight, including CCM members and non-members, and in particular non-government constituencies and people living with and/or affected by the diseases. 

Oversight Roles and Responsibilities

The CCM/E is the primary agent for grant oversight, although other institutions involved in Global Fund grants – the PR(s) the Sub-Recipients (SRs), and the Global Fund’s Local Fund Agent (LFA) – each have a role and associated responsibilities in oversight.  The CCM/E has been conducting oversight as a whole, with the review of PR reports during CCM/E meetings.  In addition, the entire CCM/E has been divided into three field visit teams which have conducted site visits periodically.  The lack of funding for the site visits and the lack of availability of some CCM/E members have been noted as challenges.


The full CCM/E has the overall responsibility for oversight.  The full CCM/E will be responsible for:

·         Delegating  to the Oversight Committee the day-to-day activities of oversight;

·         Receiving and acting on  information from the Oversight Committee;

·         Taking decisions and actions based on full CCM/E discussions;

·         Following up on decisions and actions; and

·         Monitoring and reporting on results.

In addition, the CCM/E will:

·         Review this Oversight Plan periodically to address challenges and issues emerging over time; and

·         Organize sessions at least once a year to orient or re-orient its members to their oversight role.

CCM/E Oversight Committee

The main function of the CCM/E Oversight Committee is to support the full CCM/E in overseeing each grant.  Oversight Committee members must be particularly sensitive to conflict of interest.  In order to avoid any potential source of conflict of interest, the Oversight Committee should not include representatives from any PRs, SRs or CCM Secretariat staff.

The Oversight Committee is responsible for providing oversight to existing Global Fund grants in Ethiopia in 3 areas:

·         Financial – ensuring appropriate, timely, and effective use of Global Fund funding

·         Management – ensuring timely and effective implementation of PR and SR work plans

·         Programmatic – ensuring the achievement of intended results in short- and intermediate-term periods

These responsibilities relate to funding request preparation and to all phases of grant implementation: 

·         Funding request development – ensuring that adequate resources (human, financial and technical) are available to develop successful funding applications;

·         Selection of appropriate and able PR(s);

·         Three-year funding cycle under the New Funding Model (NFM);

·         Major changes in grants, including changes in scope and scale of work, grant performance framework indicators, and the designation of implementing partners; and

·         Grant closure, including the review and endorsement of any close-out plans (e.g., distributing and disposing of program assets) and budgets.

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