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The Country Coordinating Mechanism of Ethiopia (CCM/E) is a stand-alone mechanism that was established on February 27, 2002, to facilitate and coordinate the management of the Global Fund grants to address the three major killer diseases in Ethiopia. The Global Fund is a financing mechanism with the purpose of attracting, managing and disbursing funds that will increase existing resources in Ethiopia and make a sustainable and significant contribution to the reduction of infections, illness and death. The Global Fund aims for an integrated and balanced approach to the three diseases, covering prevention, treatment, care and support. Guidelines from the Global Fund encourage CCMs to hold regular and extraordinary meetings engage all relevant participants, including representatives of civil society, in substantive discussions, ensure that information is disseminated to all interested parties and facilitate in the implementation of projects after proposals are developed and submitted to the Global Fund. 

Required by the Global Fund, the CCM/E is mandated to strengthen and reflect high-level, sustained national involvement and commitment in determining the content of concept note and making allocations of the awarded funds to support the substantial scaling up and increased coverage of proven and effective interventions. Ensuring that Fund resources augment existing spending on HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria is a critical function of the CCM/E. The CCM/E follows principles to strengthen systems for working: within the health sector across government ministries, and with communities to build on, complement, and co-ordinate with existing programs in Ethiopia including the government, public/private partnerships, and civil society  initiatives. Resources from the Global Fund are expected to support national policies, priorities and partnerships, including the Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Program (SDPRP). 

The CCM/E focuses on performance by linking Global Fund resources to the achievement of clear, measurable and sustainable results through strengthening partnerships between government/private/donor/NGO. The participation of communities and people, particularly those infected and directly affected by the three diseases, are critical for both the development of concept notes and the implementation of the awarded grant funds.

Here are the seven core functions of CCM/E:

1.     Coordinating Global Fund applications for funding: transparent and documented process that engage broad range of stakeholders

2.     Selecting the Principal Recipient(s)

·         Document a transparent process for the nomination of PRs based on clearly defined and objective criteria

·         Document the management of any potential conflict of interest that may affect the PR nomination process.

3.     Overseeing the implementation of the approved grant

4.     Approves any reprogramming requests

5.     Ensuring linkages and consistency between Global Fund grants and other national health and development programs

6.     Participating in the national strategic plan discussions at country level


7.     Convening and coordinate inclusive country dialogue

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Ethiopia Country Coordinating Mechanism Secretariat (CCM/E)

Address:  Demble City Center, 8th Floor (lift no. 5 & 6)

Phone: +251-115-152590



          Addis Ababa, Ethiopia